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4 Essential Tips For Flying With Toddlers

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Flying with a toddler and keeping your sanity (or at least some of it)

We get it, flying with kids can be stressful and overwhelming. Maybe its a 1 or even 6 hour flight, either way you need plan before you board.

Our kids (2yrs and 6yrs) have been on many plane rides, some good and some not so great, but we learned each time and it got easier.

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

Preparing for any length flight is critical with young kids.

Here are a few tips we learned along the way that may help you on your next adventure.

1. Pack Snacks

Many parents pack 1-2 snacks and assume it will be enough, or you think I can get some from the flight attendant or airport store later. There have been many times we are on a flight and they run out of snacks, there just isn't time, or our picky eaters do not like the options.

Offer several small activities for the flights, keeping in mind they typically spend about 15 minutes on each one before their attention span wonders. don't forget to pack them. Another trick is packing some in the suitcase for the return flight home, depending on your destination they may not have the same options your kids prefer.

2. Keep Them Busy

Pack several small activities for the flight, keeping in mind they typically spend about 15 minutes on each one before their attention span wonders.

Some ideas:

  • Coloring pages (don't forget the crayons)

  • Mini playdoh set

  • Sticker books

  • Water painting books

  • Stamp sets with paper

  • Any toys you find in the target dollar bin (our favorite!!)

Try wrapping each toy or activity in paper. It gives them a few moments to unwrap the item and makes it more exciting!

3. Screen Time

Don't be afraid of a little screen time. While this is a controversial topic, I am not saying let them zone out the entire flight (although no judgement here if this works). We like to provide screen time between the snacks and activities to break up time. Just remember on the flight you wont have access to the normal apps that require internet, you need to pre-download all their favorite shows/movies. We learned this the hard way our first flight.

4. Set Realistic Expectations

The days of "sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight" are over. Well not for good, but at least temporarily. Be real with your expectations and know that you may not get to read a book or enjoy a movie during the flight.

We love hearing new ideas, if you have one not mentioned in this post please comment below and share with our travel community!


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